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This is the place where you can start communicating with your epals. Please, do not hesitate to contact your teacher (Catherine or Veronica) in case you have any doubts. Have a great time here!!

Hola Haley!! Mi nombre es Agostina, tengo 18 años. El año pasado termine la secundaria, ahora voy a la universidad aca en Rosario, estoy estudiando "Licenciatura en Turismo". En Argentina las universidades son diferentes que en Estados Unidos. Que queres estudiar cuando termines la secundaria?

Yo quiero estudiar medicina despues la escuela secundaria. Y tu?


For my daily routine, the first thing I do is wake up at 7:00, then I brush my teeth. Next, I wash my face and put on makeup. The last things I do in the morning are fix my hair, get dressed, and eat breakfast. After that I go to school! I leave for school at 7:40, and school starts at 8am. When does your school start? At my school we have 6 classes, and we get out of school at 3pm. What are your classes like?